Re: Call for hackfest ideas

While this may not be a hot topic on everyone mind, but that fit the criteria that Luis
and many others have raised:

- Integrated Printer Management across different print systems via DBUS interfaces thus allow different printer management tools to function in across distros and platforms (KDE/GNOME). Ideally maintainers for each of the existing printer management tools should come together to agree on some standard interfaces and develop a tool that
 GNOME can bless.

Just my 2 cents,


Vincent Untz wrote:

I guess most people have read various blog posts about how the GTK+
hackfest went, and I've heard there'll be a small report about it too.
But the general feeling seems to be that it was really useful.

One of the things the Board wants to see happen this year is hackfests,
and the fact that the GTK+ one was a success is a good sign that we
should do this :-) But to make this happen, we need help from the
community to come up with ideas of hackfests and we also need help from
volunteers to lead this effort.

So if you can think of a topic that would be suitable for a hackfest,
please talk about it with a few people and share your idea.

For budget reasons, it'd be better to keep the hackfests small (ie, not
too many people). Note that a good hackfest is not just a good topic:
you need to have the right people and a good agenda so that things
actually get done.



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