Re: Can we improve things?

2007/9/7, Johannes Schmid <johannes schmid gmx de>:
> Hi!
> > 1. Developers can clone the main repo and the maintainers (people with
> > write-access) can just pull from their cloned repos. This way a
> > developer won't really need write access and he'll just keep on
> > committing his changes to his repo and inform the maintainer(s) about
> > his newest cool changes and the maintainer(s) can pull those changes
> > if they like/need them.
> (...)
> Have you ever been in charge of a svn module? If you had to commit
> everything that goes in from people that you know produce good code you
> would really loose a lot of time.
> I like the idea to give those people write access that have contributed
> much and good code because it saves much work and time for the
> maintainers. And if you give more people write access to the git main
> repro and would end up at the same point as we are now.

With the exception that the developers that *don't* have access have
much better tools to keep their changes up to date and also to test
changes not committed to the upstream repo.

For example, it's an interesting thought to speculate how many peole
would have tested the GtkBuilder stuff, if it would have been
fetchable from Johan's personal git instead of it being a huge patch
in bugzilla requiring you to iterate over
patch-test-unpatch-patch-cycle manually. The people willing to do that
were not many I bet (I was one of them though).

Git allows the svn-like development model, but surpasses SVN
tools-wise and in the ability to keep personal work away from
everybodys face (ie. the central repository).

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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