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<quote who="Luis Villa">

> I'm hesitant to declare it a failure until I see more evidence that
> delegation has been tried and failed. For example, I could do this sort of
> thing without being on the board at all- no need to appoint me to the
> board. But frankly I have not felt like my attempts to help out have been
> invited, much less encouraged.

I have personally tried, and certainly taken legal issues to legal-private
as a matter of delegation (and only received one response, btw), but I think
there is an issue of... domain-specific responsibility... involved that has
not created or encouraged an active team around legal work. That's a bummer,
and I think the extreme business of other Board members has contributed to
no one else picking up that ball.

(Sorry I'm not being more specific, but I have to figure out if/how I can be
during this election cycle.)

- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
  "Linux continues to have almost as much soul as James Brown." - Forrest
                                 Cook, LWN

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