Re: Question to candidates: what about next ODF?


On 11/28/07, Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms 1407 org> wrote:
> Hello,
> One question to candidates:
>         Wil you promote the Foundation's participation on the reviewing
>         of ODF?

Why won't we?. It's on the interest of or community to promote free
standards, free software and if we can help by reviewing it and
helping to make it better and more bullet proof, then let's just do
it! :).

> I'm sure it won't be for lack of a sponsor, but I think it is much more
> important to the Free Software world to have a true Open Standard for
> office documents, regardless of MS OOXML's outcome, and I hope the
> Foundation will help make sure the users of GNOME can use the next
> version of ODF with GNOME based Free Software.

The OOXML issue is already explained, someone volunteered for helping
nuking MS's standard so we can get as much info as we can and make the
problems of their stuff more evident.
Jody's participation is -in my very humble opinion- anything but bad.
He's probably made MS people throw one or two chairs through the
window with his questions.

I think Luis has replied you very clearly. No one's paying no one and
Jody's participation is totally voluntary, if someone would stand up
and want to help with ODF, I don't see a reason to oppose to the board
helping them to participate.

We all love free software as much as you, we wouldn't do anything to harm it.



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