Re: Can we improve things?

On Thu, 2007-09-13 at 11:20 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Federico Mena Quintero">
> > The current "editorial control" is simply more or less "if you ever
> did
> > something peripherally related to GNOME, you can be on Planet,
> regardless
> > of what you post".
> It's somewhat more intricate than that -- I'm writing it up atm, so
> people
> can understand the decision making process (guidelines). That's the
> first
> step. :-)

Ping.  Any progress on this, so the editorial policy can be linked from

Also, Dave's idea about having a co-maintainer for Planet didn't get any

When a code module's maintainership is sucking, what we do is let
someone else take over.  The planet-web module shouldn't be an

[Yes, I'm volunteering for the co-maintainer position of Planet.]


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