Re: Questions to the candidates

On Nov 22, 2007 5:52 PM, Anne Østergaard <anne oestergaard nu> wrote:
> Questions to the candidates:
> Will you apply for the position as new Executive Director for GNOME?
> Will you apply for any paid position within GNOME while serving as board
> member?

For those who don't know, before going to law school I did in fact
indicate my interest in serving as the executive director. After
having spent a bazillion dollars on law school, my interest in going
directly into non-legal, non-profit work is... low :) So, no.

> Will you attend at least 90% of the board calls?

Having volunteered to be the secretary, obviously my goal is to attend
all board calls. But as the other candidates have already noted, life
comes at you sometimes, so inevitably some meetings are missed.

> Can you accept competing official ISO standards?
> What is your position towards official standards that do not meet the
> gennerally accepted definition of a free and open standard. Such as
> Microsoft OOXML?

Jeff and Vincent have more than adequately addressed these- they are
too vague for me to give more detail than they already have. Suffice
to say that I believe deeply in free, innovative, and competitive
standards, and I will act appropriately.

I will note that I think that the recently released board statement is
fairly balanced and appropriate, given the circumstances.


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