Re: Questions to the candidates

> Will you apply for the position as new Executive Director for GNOME?

If elected to the Board, this will be my first time to learn the
intricacies of the job and get acquainted with what such a role really
implies. So it is fairly safe to say that I would not run for such
position yet. :)

> Will you apply for any paid position within GNOME while serving as board
> member?

I believe the answer for this one is the same as the one above.

> Will you attend at least 90% of the board calls?

I believe my time zone will allow me to be present at pretty much most
meetings. also, the company I currently work for is very accommodating
and understanding and I should be able to attend these meetings.

> Can you accept competing official ISO standards?

Absolutely! I can see how having and supporting several ISO standards
can be rough on those writing the code, but we should not close a door
if we have a good percentage of users relying on such standards.
However, we can definitely educate them about the ones we support that
are free and hopefully win them over. This is why I'd like to see more
support going for the guys behind Abiword, Glom, Gnumeric, Epiphany,
etc... Open Office and Firefox  are GREAT examples of good software
but I happen to believe that we already have great software in our
code base that has been delegated to second place. How about we
promote a an event where people who are involved with the software
mentioned before plus anyone who can be of help and offer insight can
sit down and jot down what needs to be done in order to bring them out
of the closet?  Err... apologies for going off on a tangent. :)

> What is your position towards official standards that do not meet the
> gennerally accepted definition of a free and open standard. Such as
> Microsoft OOXML?

As I had mentioned before, if we have a genuine need to support it,
I'm 100% behind it.

Og B. Maciel

omaciel foresightlinux org
ogmaciel gnome org
ogmaciel ubuntu com

GPG Keys: D5CFC202 (en_US) (pt_BR)

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