Candidacy Announcement for the 2007 GNOME Board Election: Brian Cameron

Name: Brian Cameron
Mail: Brian Cameron sun com
Nick: yippi
Affl: Sun Microsystems (

Summary (75 words)

I am running for the Board because I believe I can help make the GNOME
foundation and community successful.  The community needs to further
outreach to meet the free desktop needs for all people, regardless of
income, location, gender, or (dis)ability level.  Much progress has
been made in making the GNOME the free desktop choice for ISV's, yet
I think more can be done to encourage its use as the premier free
desktop integration choice.


I have been a part of the GNOME community since January, 2001 and have
experience as a UNIX programmer and technical documentation writer for
over 15 years.  I am the maintainer of GDM, and have been engaged with
many aspects of the GNOME desktop.


I am highly motivated and have time to invest to make the Board
successful.  I have passion for working with the GNOME community,
and would like to expand the ways I am involved.  I have a good
working relationship with many people in the community.

I think it is important to have someone on the Foundation board with
working experience with accessibility (I helped to write libgail).  I
also think that Sun has been underrepresented in the Board for the past
few years, and I think it is helpful for the board to have a wide
representation from all the players.

Also, GNOME rocks.

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