Candidacy: Diego Escalante Urrelo

Name: Diego Escalante Urrelo
Mail: diegoe gnome org
Affl: None

Nick: dieguito
Blog: (in Spanish)


I'm running for the Board because I want to help GNOME in areas where
I haven't yet helped, but I feel capable of doing it.
I'm totally devoted to GNOME as a project and as a group, I've met
wonderful friends thanks to GNOME and learned lots of incredible
things. I'm confident that my skills and experience working with
people and doing administrative tasks will be useful to the Board.

Who am I?

I'm Diego Escalante Urrelo, I'm peruvian[0] and I'm 20 years old. I've
been using GNU/Linux since I was 14. I'm a GNOME user since 2.2 days
(I confess I hated 1.4 :)) and a GNOME contributor since 2.14 days.
Probably we exchanged one or two friendly words (or maybe kicks if you
played the soccer match) in GUADEC last July.
In GNOME I've worked on Epiphany, the Accounts team and Busquad.
Locally I'm an active member of DebianPerú[1], a LUG right now devoted
into getting people involved into Free Software projects.

0 -
1 -

Why am I running?

I feel that right now I can help GNOME more being on the Board doing
administrative tasks than hacking, I'm not a rockstar hacker and I'm
not planning on becoming one the next year and a half.
My experience working as a coordinator for DebianPerú has taught me a
lot about working with people, public relations and administrative
I see myself as a motivated, creative, energic and (sometimes)
perfectionist person,
I'm sure this skills can be useful to the Board.

Why should you vote for me?

Because give how much I love GNOME you can trust I won't do anything
to harm the project that has given me so much.
I also enjoy administrative tasks more than hacking tasks, so I plan
on targetting my GNOME time to Board work if I'm elected.
I feel I'm seen as friendly and open by people, so I hope to be a good
way for people to contact the Board.

Will I focus on something?

Of course, besides wanting to help make GNOME rock even harder I've
some points I want to work on if I get elected:
  * promoting and supporting more people getting into GNOME in Latin America
  * transparency of the Board
  * putting attention into details

Some more thoughts

  * I want to help in the Board because I feel that as a hacker I'm
far less productive than as an administrative guy.

  * I confess that I'll help the Latin American Mafia to take over GNOME.

  * I'm full of energy and enthusiasm (and well, some cookies right now)

  * Thanks for reading this


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