[Candidacy] John (J5) Palmieri

Name:         John (J5) Palmieri
E-Mail:       johnp redhat com
Affiliations: Red Hat, Inc. and OLPC

I am running for the board because I believe GNOME needs to reach out
and get more people involved, not just in development of code. We are
already really good at that and though there is always room for
improvement there are areas that need a bit more push to get going.
Areas such as marketing, art and outreach, while having been growing
recently, need to be brought up and given more visibility within the
community.  I believe it is the boards job to identify areas where we
need resources and to identify leaders and catalysts who can utilize
those resources to build subprojects like gnome-love or the release
team.  It is also the boards job to help remove obstacles which hinder
these subprojects.

I believe I qualify for the position because of my experience within the
GNOME community and in building bridges to other communities.  I have
been part of the release team for a year, been a GNOME representative to
the LSB and and a GNOME ambassador to KDE as well as an adviser to the
board for the OLPC project.
John (J5) Palmieri <johnp redhat com>

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