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Vincent Untz wrote:

>  + local groups: if you want to organize events, invite someone to do a
>    talk at an event, get some material (t-shirts, flyers, posters,
>    etc.), it's always better to tell us about it while we're preparing
>    the budget. If you're going to organize many events, send one
>    request, but tell us where the money would be going. Eg, $500 to
>    print t-shirts for the whole year, $50 for posters for event A and
>    $60 for flyers for event B, and also $700 to get Quim to this
>    fantastic event! You get the idea.

This is the important bit for us in India. After the GNOME Project Day
at (where we will be talking a bit about the Academy/Education
bits) we expect to see requests for GNOME talks (and not merely
evangelist kind talks) shoot up. A reasonably low cost way to ensure
brand recall is swag and in this particular case being stickers, flyers
and buttons. So, is this call for the budget allocations factoring in
the GNOME developer trip sponsorship "plus" swag or just the latter ?


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