Re: OOXML [was Re: GNOME Foundation Board Meeting Minutes :: 7/6/07]

    That is a stretch.   It's undeniably that improvements made in MOOX
    at my request will tangentially facilitate ISO acceptance.

    > Thank you.  If you make a public commitment to stay out of the
    > activity of satisfying ISO, and to stay inactive in the committee
    > while its focus is on satisfying ISO, that will show that you're
    > not helping the standardization of OOXML.


A formal statement from the GNOME Foundation to that effect will let
everyone know that no help towards OOXML as an ISO standard is coming
from you.  That's why I think it solves the problem.

      We could just as easily decry
    IBM's Rob Weir for presenting weaknesses in drafts of MOOX.  The TC
    definitely reviewed his findings and added clarifying documentation.

I agree, and I think that we should call on IBM also to stay out of
the process while it is aimed at trying to make OOXML an ISO standard.
Nobody should work on that.

Once the GNOME Foundation has made a strong statement, that will
help us challenge others to follow its lead.

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