Minutes of SoC meeting - 2007/Mar/06

Hi all,

Here are the minutes I took from the meeting we had today on irc in
#soc. Further discussion about GNOME SoC should happen in
gnome-soc-list from now on.



Behdad Esfahbod
Vincent Untz
Shaun McCance
Danilo Segan
Clare So
Sandy Armstrong
Tristan Van Berkom
Olav Vitters
Ryan Lortie
Lucas Rocha
Christian Kellner
Mads Chr. Olesen
(Other inactive attendees were there too)

1) Actions from previous meeting

* ACTION: Vincent to talk with sysadmins about getting a sandbox
       repository or main repository access for students (DONE)

  Vincent started a thread on gnome-infrastructure about it and will
  ensure that the infrastructure is ready before May.

* ACTION: Behdad to ask mizmo about a poster (DONE)

  Two proposals:
   1. http://people.redhat.com/duffy/gnome-brand/soc2007/soc2007-poster_a4.png
   2. http://desrt.mcmaster.ca/random/poster-draft.png

  DECISION: Use proposal 1 with "Google Summer of
  Code" on it, and mentioning more explicitly the money involved.

* ACTION: Lucas to ping web people about putting SoC on the
      front page (NOT DONE)

  SoC announcement should be added to p.g.o front page ASAP.

* ACTION: Vincent to send a mail to know who would like to be in
      the selection committee (DONE)

  Vincent and Behdad will choose a mixed list of volunteers and
  invited people for the selection committee. Volunteers from the
  meeting: Lucas, Christian, Ryan, Tristan and Vincent.

* ACTION: Vincent to create the mentors mailing list (DONE)
      Waiting response from sysadmins.

2) New Actions

* ACTION: Vincent to ask if it will be possible to merge back with
      full history from the separated directory

* ACTION: Vincent to ask sysadmins to reset gnome-soc-list
      password (DONE during meeting)

* ACTION: Behdah to subscribe GNOME as a mentoring
     organization (DONE during meeting)

3) Organization of the SoC promotion from a GNOME perspective

The proposed promotion plan comprises:
 - banner and test on w.g.o frontpage ASAP
 - banner on p.g.o
 - blogs with poster
 - poster translations
 - posters everywhere where it makes sense
 - announcement in mailing lists (gnome-announce-list, gugmasters-list)

Ryan created a wiki page to coordinate the GNOME SoC ad campaign
effort in universities:
 - http://live.gnome.org/SummerOfCode2007/UniversityAdvertisement

* ACTION: Vincent to make a call for translations on the GNOME
     SoC poster

* ACTION: Behdad to ping p.g.o people to put a banner about SoC

* ACTION: Ryan to blog about university campaign page
     (DONE during meeting)

4) Collect ideas on SoC/WSOP-like programmes that could be
     proposed to the board

 E-mail ideas to Vincent, Behdad and/or the board.

5) Review of the instructions we've put online for students

* ACTION: everyone should take some time to review the wiki
     SoC2007 page: http://live.gnome.org/SummerOfCode2007

6) AOB


According to Christian, "Danilo stinks and isn't at all as handsome
     as some pictures of him *MIGHT* indicate!"

* ACTION: Christian to find pictures of Danilo where he exposures
     his real not-that-good-looking face ;-)


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