Re: GNOME Foundation Board Meeting Minutes :: 7/6/07

Hi all,

There's a *big* difference between willing to increase collaboration
between GNOME and KDE and merging their main conferences in one. I
think this merge would bring really bad effects on our community.

- Our conference would lose GNOMEsh identity. This is a subtle but
essential aspect of GUADEC: it's where/when we meet the GNOME
community. We cannot lose that.

- Not everyone in GNOME community is interested in KDE. I understand
that we, as a free desktop project, should be interested in KDE but we
can't expect/enforce everyone in GNOME to think like this. Because we
have similar goals than KDE, this does not mean we should meet at the
same time and place in a generic/big free desktop conference. There
are better places and times for putting both projects together and the
really interested people will be there for sure.

- If we're having problems on organizing our conference, let's try to
solve them in the best possible way in our own boundaries. IMO,
merging with KDE will bring more problems than solving from the
communities point of view. Specially on defining the agenda.

Just my 0,2 cents.


2007/6/11, Lucas Rocha <lucasr gnome org>:

> 4) GNOME and KDE Conference
>    There has been some discussion about a possible merge of GNOME
>    and KDE conferences. This has been discussed at the advisory
>    board level, along with the KDE e.v. members list. If there is
>    considerable opposition from both sides, then it isn't worth
>    exploring further. Jeff mentioned that it's likely to come up
>    at DAM4.
>    ACTION: Jeff to follow up about a possible GNOME and KDE
>            conference merge at DAM4.

Does this mean that your're proposing a new merged KDE/GNOME
conference? Or is this a matter of scheduling GUADEC and aKademy at
the same time and place? Or is this a GUADEC replacement with this
merged conference? This is not clear in the minutes.

I think it would make sense to have both conferences scheduled in way
that it would be easier for us, GNOMErs, to attend both. But I don't
think we should have only one merged KDE/GNOME conference. Even though
we aim to increase the collaboration with KDE, we're still different
projects, with different development and organization aproaches.

My 2 cents,


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