Foundation financial info

Hello list,

Thanks $deity, I got sponsored for attending GUADEC this year. Being
peruvian, I have to deal with visas to go to UK and Spain (this is
because of the route I'm taking).

One of the requisites for getting the visa is to proof that if I'm not
paying the trip myself then someone else is doing it. This person
-among other things- should provide a financial report of -at least-
the last 3 months (bank accounts, cards, pay checks, etc).
I was suggested to check the IRS and use the info they show/provide
for this  but I couldn't find anything (being a non-USA resident I
might have missed where to look).

So, I'd like a word of help/orientation about who should I talk to get
this information. Time is a problem, so I need to get this info as
soon as possible.

Thanks everyone.

Diego Escalante

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