Re: Our annual meeting at GUADEC

Your idea sounds good but I wonder how efficient is the average human
being after >8h meeting in a day.

What about:

- 10h-15h board meeting with a sandwich break in between (at 12h30 or so)
- 15 - 16h real break
- 16 - 18/19h AGM

And then 2h board wrap up another day i.e. after the Core days to get
common conclusions and assign tasks. I like the idea of a
dinner+discussion after the AGM but why not doing it informally with
other attendants.  :)

Last year we were so tired at the end of the all-day meeting that it
wasn't clear who had to do what, which IMO affected the output of that
meeting. For example, we spent a long time discussing issues and
elaborating possible alternatives that weren't discussed again anymore
after the GUADEC & summer.

PS: the main point here at foundation-list is that we would be going
for a 2-3h AGM the afternoon before the Core days, non-board opinions
are needed.

On 1/9/07, Dave Neary <bolsh gnome org> wrote:
One note of caution - the all-day board meeting generally does need to
be all-day.

Quim Gil ///

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