Our annual meeting at GUADEC

The GUADEC2007 team is working on a very first draft schedule for the
Core days. Maybe it's a good time to start discussing how we want to
celebrate the GNOME Foundation annual general meeting.

I've been only in the last two editions and therefore I have a strong
lack of perspective. However, both meetings at Stuttgart and Vilanova
could be improved.


GUADEC Core days is when  more GNOME Foundation members are around,
therefore it's the best time to meet.


Because it's the Core days the schedule is very busy, there are lots
of talks and everybody is finding ol' friends in the corridors. Night
life is also intense specially these days. The AGM is located in a
whole in the schedule, 1h at midday. The result is that just a few
people come by, there is not much time for participation after the
board has reported what needs to report in an AGM and not much
energies anyway. At the end of the AGM everybody leaves the room going
to the next talk with a kind of unsatisfactory feeling.


- Let's schedule the AGM the afternoon or even early evening before
the Core days start.

- Let's have at least 2h scheduled with a possibility to extend the
time for those enjoying the conversation.

- Let's work together the agenda, forwarding to this mailing list most
of the information that can be better delivered here in order to
discuss more and better those topics that can better approached live &

PS: this is a personal proposal, not something agreed or discussed
previously by the board.

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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