Re: Mellon awards update

Many of us are housed in Universities. If there is anyway I can help out let me know. Our group here at UofT is all about accessibility and education.

I would be interested in using the money to create something like the google summer of code but with a strong GNOME accessibility focus. We need ways to draw fresh talent into the area. Who knows, maybe we could get some more diversity this way too.


Dave Neary wrote:

A long time ago, I put out a call for Mellon award submissions -
Federico answered the call, and we were candidates.

However, other people put a lot of thought into theirs and when the
winners were announced, it's unsurprising that universities grab all the

To complete with this, we would need to come up with a concrete proposal
for how we would spend $100,000 on research & development in a major
area like accessibility, education or the web.


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