RE: Mellon awards update

Accessibility would be an excellent candidate. I suggest to find a
University that is interested to work on that and work together with
them to define a proposal. See for example on how KDE is part of the SQO-OSS
project. Adriaan can surely tell you more of what they did to get that
set up and funded.

Intel Corporation - Platform Software Engineering, UMG - Hillsboro,

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>A long time ago, I put out a call for Mellon award submissions -
>Federico answered the call, and we were candidates.
>However, other people put a lot of thought into theirs and when the
>winners were announced, it's unsurprising that universities grab all
>To complete with this, we would need to come up with a concrete
>for how we would spend $100,000 on research & development in a major
>area like accessibility, education or the web.
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