Towards more collaboration between the academic world and the GNOME community


As you probably know, there have been some research done in the acadamic
world related to GNOME in the past. However, from the GNOME point of
view, this is not something we've been good at, or at least, we could do
better. Like, keeping track of what has been done, pushing to get more
research related to GNOME done, getting useful contributions out of the
research projects used in GNOME, etc. We could even imagine the GNOME
Foundation being a partner in research projects in the future (we're not
ready for that now, of course).

Some people within our community are active in the academic world, and
know quite well how these things work. We'd love those people to
participate in an effort to make the GNOME community more open to the
academic research. The goal is to create links with labs and research
teams, and hopefully be able to help define projects which will be
useful to GNOME.

So, how do we make this happen? A few key people will be needed to lead
this effort. We'll create a mailing list, which will be used to discuss
how we can improve such collaborations, but which will also serve as an
entry point for researchers who want to work with GNOME. We'll need to
be open about proposals coming from researchers and as helpful as
possible. One of the first steps will also be to find people in
universities and labs who could be interested in collaborating with us.

GNOME resources are of course available to make all this happen: svn,
wiki, mailing lists, website, and many other things.

Feedback is welcome, and volunteers will be cheered :-)



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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