Re: Board Meeting Minutes :: 29th March 2007


Jeff Waugh wrote:
> To start with, secrecy is not even remotely convenient. In fact, I'm sure
> any current or previous Board member (or practically anyone who has served
> on the committee of a significant organisation) will tell you that it is
> usually a burden -- *particularly* in the case of an open organisation such
> as the GNOME Foundation, and the expectations many of us have about our
> participation. The secretary has to remember to remove items from the public
> minutes, we all have to remember what is Board-internal subject matter, etc.

For example, we had a discussion at the the last board meeting about GUADEC
sponsorship - which companies were planning on sponsoring the event, at what
level of sponsorship. That discussion shouldn't really be part of public minutes
until those sponsorships are confirmed and announced.

Another example, is discussion that we intend bringing to the foundation
membership. The mail hasn't yet been written, so it seemed entirely
inappropriate to include in the meeting minutes.

There's no need to worry - just the practicality of our day to day work in the
foundation, all of which Jeff outlined. If you want my personal opinion, the
board as a whole is doing a much better job at being transparent than it did
several years ago when I was last voted as a board member.


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