Research groups and the GNOME project

Dear GNOME Foundation,

My name is Alvaro del Castillo and I am a GNOME developer for five
years, working also in the community group co-founding GNOME Hispano
with Rodrigo Moya six years ago. I am also a GNOME Foundation member.

Right now I am working in the University Rey Juan Carlos and we are
working hard researching how free software is developed. In the group is
also working Carlos Garcia, also a GNOME developer and GNOME Foundation

The group has been working in this field since 2001 and currently we are
working in the top European funded projects about Free Software:

- FLOSSMetrics
- FLOSSWorld
- Calibre
- QualiPSo
- QualOSS

In order to fulfill our goals in this projects we need to study in depth
different free software projects: mailing list, CVS/SVN repositories,
bugs databases, wikis, blogs and other sources of data that kind light
our studies about how projects born, evolve, fork, success, die ...

Until now we have studied GNOME for different projects, with papers
published about it (I can give you references about that) but for our
new projects we need some basic things like:

- Mirroring GNOME CVS
- Access to the Bugzilla database
- Mailing list archives

Our goal is to avoid charging the current GNOME systems so the project
users and developers wouldn't suffer from our studies activities. Also,
we couldn't do some kind of studies without for example having access to
the bugzilla database.

Our goal with GNOME Foundation is that you help us in order to:

- Have a GNOME CVS mirroring for studying purposes
- Have a bugzilla dump for studying purposes
- Help us to contact other GNOME developers in order to better
understand his/her day to day GNOME work.

A sysadmin contact asking him/her to help us in the process could be
better way to do it.

The benefits for the GNOME project is to be used as a project reference
in the Europe Commission studies and to have detailed studies and
analysis about the project and how to improve it in different ways. We
plan also to publish all or our research data under open licenses,
keeping in mind not to distribute any personal data. This data will be
used for other research groups and will help GNOME project to be the
project reference for other kind of studies.

We have tried to close our group relations with GNOME project in the
past but without success.

I hope this email will receive some attention and that we could open
this door for the GNOME project. I will happily answer any question you
could have.

Kind regards

Alvaro del Castillo
acs gsyc es
European Projects Coordinator

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