Re: Research groups and the GNOME project

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006, Alvaro del Castillo wrote:

> Dear GNOME Foundation,
> My name is Alvaro del Castillo and I am a GNOME developer for five
> years, working also in the community group co-founding GNOME Hispano
> with Rodrigo Moya six years ago. I am also a GNOME Foundation member.

> The group has been working in this field since 2001 and currently we are
> working in the top European funded projects about Free Software:

There have been various calls from research organisations for
participation.  The follow-up from these groups to publicise their results
has been not so good.  As a result people are increasingly reluctant to
participate in surveys.  Anything you could do to help bring the results
to Gnome and draw developers to the research most relevant to them would
really help Gnome and help make people more receptive to further research.

I cannot really speak to your other requests but I'd say the only problem
there will be finding administrators with the time and energy available to
help you out.

> - Mirroring GNOME CVS

Perhaps you need more but I believe this is already possible using CVSup

> - Access to the Bugzilla database

did a quick search and there may be archived copies of Gnome Bugzilla from
before any major upgrade, "Dump the database in text format".
with a copy of that you should be able to rebuild but an easier way may

> - Mailing list archives

For individual mailing lists you could grab the compressed archives for
each month but I expect a more elegant way must exist.

> A sysadmin contact asking him/her to help us in the process could be
> better way to do it.


Alan Horkan

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