Re: GNOME Event Box for North America

On Wed, 2006-05-17 at 15:47 -0500, Ariel Rios wrote:
> > > The GNOME Event Box in Europe has been really useful to the local groups
> > > and helped make their booths look really great. After some discussion,
> > > it was agreed that such a box would be most welcome for events in North
> > > America (where North America is at least Canada & US).
> Mexico should be part of North America and then have another one as
> Fernando suggested for South America.

I think the situation is different in Europe than in Latin-America.
I do not think that is feasible to do it at least in South America
(I would like to be wrong, anyway).

How feasible is to move the Event Box between countries? 
How much does it cost in Europe according their experience?

Probably is not so different between USA and Canada.  I do not
know what about Mexico.

In South America the distances are very different than in Europe
and our custom offices are not as friendly with us as I supossed
they are between europeans (because of the CE).

So, If Fernando is asking for that box we should know that:
- The costs of moving the event box between countries (Chile-
  Brazil, for instance) could be high.  cargo + taxes +
  custom fees, etc.
- The costs of such equipment according I see in
  (the point of reference in are cheaper
  than in Chile and I guess cheaper than in Brazil.  (LCD,
  desktop computer)
- Cables/paper/posters/t-shirts are cheaper in South America 
  than in Europe.

If we are really interested in the Event Box, the less we must
to do is to figure out the cost of each item, prepare a proposal
and ask the board if this is feasible. At least to be serious.

Germán Poó-Caamaño
Concepción - Chile

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