Re: GNOME Event Box for North America

On Wed, 2006-05-17 at 16:44 -0400, Fernando San Mart�Woerner wrote:

> Could be this be able for Latin America too?

I'd *strongly* advise against sending machines from the USA to Latin
America.  At least not to Mexico.

It is a truly tremendous pain in the ass to get hardware out of customs.
It took me 8 months of constant phone-calling, chasing a customs agent
around, and letter-writing to get two *new* machines out of customs.  If
you send *used* hardware around, you'll never get it out of customs (the
law, for incredibly stupid reasons, makes it practically impossible to
import used computers).

So, go with caution.  Customs laws and corruption within customs offices
can really, really kill a nice project like the event box.  I'd suggest
constraining an event box to reside within an area where it is
guaranteed that it will get to its destination in a few days.


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