Re: GNOME Event Box for North America

Le mercredi 17 mai 2006 à 17:34 -0400, Germán Poó Caamaño a écrit :
> On Wed, 2006-05-17 at 15:47 -0500, Ariel Rios wrote:
> > > > The GNOME Event Box in Europe has been really useful to the local groups
> > > > and helped make their booths look really great. After some discussion,
> > > > it was agreed that such a box would be most welcome for events in North
> > > > America (where North America is at least Canada & US).
> > Mexico should be part of North America and then have another one as
> > Fernando suggested for South America.
> I think the situation is different in Europe than in Latin-America.
> I do not think that is feasible to do it at least in South America
> (I would like to be wrong, anyway).
> How feasible is to move the Event Box between countries? 
> How much does it cost in Europe according their experience?

If I'm not mistaken (Murray will correct me), sending the box costs
around €100. I believe it mainly moved between Germany, UK and France so
far, but I certainly hope other local groups will make use of it.

> Probably is not so different between USA and Canada.  I do not
> know what about Mexico.

Customs issue for Mexico, according to Federico.

> In South America the distances are very different than in Europe
> and our custom offices are not as friendly with us as I supossed
> they are between europeans (because of the CE).
> So, If Fernando is asking for that box we should know that:
> - The costs of moving the event box between countries (Chile-
>   Brazil, for instance) could be high.  cargo + taxes +
>   custom fees, etc.
> - The costs of such equipment according I see in
>   (the point of reference in are cheaper
>   than in Chile and I guess cheaper than in Brazil.  (LCD,
>   desktop computer)
> - Cables/paper/posters/t-shirts are cheaper in South America 
>   than in Europe.
> If we are really interested in the Event Box, the less we must
> to do is to figure out the cost of each item, prepare a proposal
> and ask the board if this is feasible. At least to be serious.

I (and probably other people in the board) would definitely be
interested to see a box in Latin America if it's doable. Sounds like you
have a plan :-)


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