Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/May/17

GNOME Foundation Board Meeting, 2006/05/17


Federico (minutes)

No attendance:

Dave (regrets)
Luis (regrets)

We started the meeting on IRC since there was trouble with the phone
access code.  JRB came in later, fixed our code, and we started the
phone meeting around 45 minutes after the IRC one.


* Dave to ask Dom to refine/reduce the German contract: DONE, RFC gone
  to foundation-list

* Anne to announce final list of GUADEC 2007 candidates: DONE.

* Vincent to announce North American event box: DONE.

* Luis to find out which lawyer we worked with on the contract
  revisions last year: NOT DONE.

* JRB to get quotes for back-office services, via Owen: NOT DONE.

* Jeff to send Embedded agenda to board list: NOT DONE.


* Luis to find out which lawyer we worked with on the contract
  revisions last year (carried over from previous actions).

* JRB to get quotes for back-office services, via Owen (carried over
  from previous actions).

* Jeff and Vincent to send Embedded agenda to board list (carried over
  from previous actions).

* Federico to send a draft job announcement to board-list for the
  executive director and the administrator.

* Federico to write an agenda for the next Advisory Board meeting, to
  take place on May 31st. [Taken up by Dave]

* JRB to mail board-list about invoicing Intel (hard disk crash).

* JRB to send an update on what hardware has been bought for the event

* Quim to contact HP and Novell about sponsorship for GUADEC.

* Federico to mail Quim/Behdad/Germ�about replacing Luis.


* Invoicing GUADEC sponsors & advisory board members - Pending paperwork.

* Handling conference finances - need to ask Dave about mailing Quim.

* Buying stuff for the event box - how, when, what, who - need volunteers.

* Financial situation - no change.

* Merchandising contract - it has gone to foundation-list.

* GUADEC - no update.

* Ad board - we're due another meeting, it's been a month. How about in a
  fortnight? (UPDATE: a fortnight from now)

  Yes, it will be on May 31st.  Federico to send an agenda and announcement.

* GUADEC 2007 - It would be nice to have a public request for comments period.
  (UPDATE: Anne has said she'll take care of this).  It's in
  foundation-list now.

* Administrator - type of person we want, process for getting the hire
  going, the usual. We need to start moving forward on that,
  seriously. We need a full-time person working for us.

  No quotes for outsourcing yet.

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