Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/Apr/26

GNOME Foundation Board Meeting, 2006/04/26


   Dave Neary (Chairing, minutes)
   Luis Villa
   Anne Oestergaard
   Vincent Untz
   Jeff Waugh


   Jonathan Blandford (arrived :50)
   Federico Mena Quintero


 * Dave to request a contract from Quim for GUADEC - ongoing
 * Jeff to write a proposal for the technical project meeting - outside
scope of the board
 * Dave to resurrect German contract from last year so that we can use
it for Axis Inform�ca - ongoing (sent to foundation-list for round of

New actions

   ACTION: Announce US event box & contents (Vincent)

   ACTION: Announce final shortlist of GUADEC 07 candidates (Anne)

   ACTION: Dave to get feedback off Dom on the old contract, and mail
the result on to foundation list

   ACTION: Anne to contact Tim for the name of the lawyer who worked on
the agreement last year


 1. Administrator
  * Process for hiring full-time executive director
  * Refine job description, and talk about the profile we're looking for

We would like to hire an executive director to develop business strategy
and manage our relationships with commercial and non-profit partners.
We're going to take the time to hire the right person. We also need to
make sure basic administration and accounting are taken care of in a
timely fashion. We can continue to hire a part time administrator or
out-source office services. It was agreed that outsourcing in the Boston
area, where our lawyers and accountants are located, makes sense.

 2. Summer of Code
  * Let's make sure GNOME does better (from an organisational point of
view) this time

Vincent and Behdad took care of organising GNOME for this.

 3. GUADEC 2007 - declare list of candidates

Candidates to be proposed publically on foundation-list for a public
comments period.

 4. Decision for the US event box (Carried on mailing list: no
discussion needed)

Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com>

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