Re: Re: Temporaray enlargement of the GNOME Board with 2 persons

<quote who="Dan Winship">

> Jeff Waugh wrote:
> >  * We are attempting to do big things without the benefit of having a
> >  face to face meeting. Every board so far has been more effective
> >  post-GUADEC, after they've had the opportunity to sit down, grind
> >  through the issues with a lot of social bandwidth and look each other
> >  up and down a bit. It really helps develop shared vision, shared values
> >  and shared trust in a way that mail, phone and IRC can't.
> Should we shift the election cycle by a few months then, so that GUADEC
> falls near the start of the new board's term, rather than halfway through?

I'd like to, and proposed it during my previous term, but it wasn't pursued
(probably a combination of my year off, other important structural changes
going on, and indecision about how to kick it off - delay the elections by
five months or shift them ahead by four?). Aiming for elections in May would
probably be best - I'll add this to the board agenda, thanks!

- Jeff

GUADEC 2006: Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain  
      "Trying to get a PC to analyse one of the most abstract forms of
   language - the poem - is like trying to drill for oil with a banana."
                               - The Register

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