Re: Temporaray enlargement of the GNOME Board with 3 persons

On 6/5/06, ted gould cx <ted gould cx> wrote:

Well, I think it should be three people.  Those two guys, and me :)

Seriously though, you can't arbitrarilly pick two people and not expect
everyone else to be arbitrarilly picked.

It doesn't look at all arbitrary to me.  Behdad and German ran for the
board last year and are the highest two vote receivers who aren't on
the board.

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006, Alan Horkan wrote:
> The way I always thought of the purpose of the referendum was that it
> should be possible - in fact it is a necessity - that others beyond the
> official board be involved in organising.  The number of people on the
> board seems to be a symptom of the fact that it is difficult to get people
> involved and helping out with the foundation any other way.

I agree with Alan on this (and if you read the Inkscape list, you know
that Alan and I don't agree that much :)  If these people want to help
out, and there are tasks that the board wishes to assign to them, that'd
be great.  And, I would consider "did X for the board" a great plus on any
candidacy statement for the next election.  But, they can't be members of
the board without an election.

There may be reasons to object to this, but I disagree with this
reasoning.  There was an election.  Besides -- what about the case
where Luis resigned just recently?  Your reasoning would say that he
can't be replaced.  Is that really what you're suggesting?

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