Re: GUADEC/GNOME build machines


Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> So, this is the EXCITING NEW proposal I am proposing to you today. The
> machines were bought on the GUADEC budget, and that means this plan
> needs approving by a higher authority than myself.  I am unsure what
> this authority is, or if this is considered a good plan at all.
> Who can help me give these machines a final home with a useful task to
> perform ?
> Save the machines !

So, it's complicated, but here's the summary:

GUADEC is in the foundation's budget, so GUADEC money is foundation
money, but...

to make things easy for purchase of stuff in Europe and also for
European sponsors, GNOME Hispano agreed to take a fair amount of money
into their bank account, and the machines were bought with that money, so...

it's not clear whether the owners of the machines are GNOME Hispano or
the GNOME Foundation.

If we're assuming that there aren't going to be any law-suits, here's
the easiest way to handle things:

The computers are GNOME Foundation property, bought with the GUADEC
money, and GNOME Hispano was just an agent for that operation. Fluendo
offered to host the machines somewhere in their office, and the GNOME
Foundation graciously accepts this offer. The computers will be
accounted for by the foundation as an asset in the end-of-year accounts.

All in favour?


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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