GUADEC/GNOME build machines

Hello everyone,

I'm mailing the foundation list to discuss an EXCITING NEW opportunity
for the GNOME project ! No wait, really !

A short recap: every year for GUADEC, there's always a terrible
confusion about what to do to get enough machines for the streaming.
This year, the decision was made to buy four cheap machines for this
purpose, and they were used in this capacity.

This also means that, for next GUADEC, these four machines will again be
available if they survive the coming year.  The only thing that would
need to be done is for the GUADEC budget to cover their shipping.

Also at GUADEC, there was a crystalizing of interest into forming a
Build Brigade to combine the efforts about all people who care about
layering out the big Quality spread all over GNOME.  That also helped
bring up the idea of using these four streaming machines as build slaves
for this project.  Fluendo would then host these machines and provide
the bandwidth and occasional maintenance needs.

So, this is the EXCITING NEW proposal I am proposing to you today. The
machines were bought on the GUADEC budget, and that means this plan
needs approving by a higher authority than myself.  I am unsure what
this authority is, or if this is considered a good plan at all.

Who can help me give these machines a final home with a useful task to
perform ?

Save the machines !


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