Re: Minutes of the Board meeting 2006/Feb/15

<quote who="Rodrigo Moya">

> some Chilean people already asked, and we asked killermundi, who says no
> problem from their part. The problem is the cost of an international
> parcel. Don't remember the exact price but it made the t-shirt cost its
> weight in gold :)

Heh. :-)

> we also talked with killermundi about them doing special t-shirts for
> special events, so if you want, we can contact them for doing GUADEC
> t-shirts with whatever design we come up with.

Nice. Well, we should aim at the very least for a shirt stall of their
existing designs at GUADEC. Then perhaps we can get them to do the official
conference shirt as well.

- Jeff

FOSDEM 2006: Brussels, Belgium          
     "I have a burning curiosity about everything, everything-- except
               country and western, of course." - David Bowie

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