Re: Minutes of the Board meeting 2006/Feb/15

<quote who="Federico Mena Quintero">

> Axis Informática
> ================
> * We are fine with giving them permission to sell products with the
>   GNOME Logo.
> * Need to find the contract that we got Killermundi to sign, so that
>   we can use the same contract for Axis Informática.
> * Let's give the cut to GNOME Hispano; this is a good way to fund
>   local groups.

Just wanted to say that I saw some of their shirts/designs at OSWC - they
look absolutely brilliant. I want one. Or a few. And some female cuts for
Pia. I hope they're prepared for some international orders. ;-)

(Perhaps we could get them to provide a stall at GUADEC. Quim?)

- Jeff

FOSDEM 2006: Brussels, Belgium          
   "Compassionate Conservative: I don't know what that is, sounds like a
                  Volvo with a gun rack." - Robin Williams

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