[OT] Mailing list archives

Olav Vitters wrote:
> I thought all archive problems had been fixed by now? What problems did
> you see?

Some of the messages weren't available.  I'm reading most of the lists
as newsgroups, so when I can read my posted message in my newsreader
but it gives "404" on the archive then something is wrong.

I also find it more natural to follow threads on thread.gmane.org than
the original mailing list interface.  It gives a whole view to the
discussion as a tree.  Certainly, this is not to say that the archives
are broken now, just I found another way to give other people
reference to discussions that they didn't participate in.

In the GNU Project, discrimination against proprietary software is not
just a policy -- it's the principle and the purpose.  Proprietary
software is fundamentally unjust and wrong, so when we have the
opportunity to place it at a disadvantage, that is a good thing. --RMS

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