Re: Petition for referendum


Daniel Veillard a écrit :
  working *around* the board: with all due respect What The Fuck are you
talking about.

I love it when people precede things like that with "with all due respect". :-)

How did the Board block you from getting anywhere ?  The
board stalled on some issues because some items where dropped by lack
of time or something, it was NEVER that the board refused to do something
by being lazy, there is 2 items the board refused to follow you in

Did I say anyone was lazy?

And it's not a case of blindly following. It's about issues, when they arise, reaching a resolution quickly. That resolution can be "no, not on your life", or it can be "yes, go ahead".

"Why don't you ask around and get back to us" is not a resolution.

Not following blindly the opinion of excited young people is not
always just being stupid or stalled, especially when those radical changes
are potentially extremely risky.

The proposed change is neither radical nor risky. The biggest risk is that the change sucks, doesn't work, everyone realises it, and the new board reverts to the current situation in 6 months.

Also, the board wasn't discussing *making* the change. We were talking about *proposing to the foundation that they vote on the change*. The distinction is important. Proposing the referendum is not risky at all.

So I think I am rightly pissed off at your
two last posts at this point, public mischaracterization based on one's
biased viewpoint of a situation is not proper in my opinion.

Since I'm saying that the board, as it is, doesn't work well, and that changes are made, it's not surprising that some people's feathers get ruffled. But in any objective analysis of the foundation, it's obvious that our governing structures aren't marching to the same beat as our community, and that's a problem.

There are a lot more radical things I'd love to see happen in the foundation, this is almost the smallest of them.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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