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On Wed, Sep 28, 2005 at 11:04:25PM +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi,
> Le mercredi 28 septembre 2005 à 21:32 +0200, David Neary a écrit :
> > To have a referendum, I will need roughly 30 signatories. For the 
> > purpose of gathering them, I've created a wiki page in lgo (perhaps an 
> > abuse of its intention, but hopefully it'll be short-lived) at 
> >
> I'd need to verify the numbers, but it's 36 or 37 signatories that are
> needed.

  A bit of context on petition with my Foundation Secretary hat on:

  Article VII Section 3 of our bylaws (end of page 5):

"President or by the Board. Furthermore, special meetings of the members
 for any lawful purpose may be called by, upon request in writing by at
 least ten percent of the membership, or at least five percent of the
 membership in accordance with Article XVI, stating the business to be
 transacted at the special meeting, mailed to the principal office of the
 Corporation, or delivered to the chairman of the Board, the President,
 the Vice President or Secretary. It shall be the duty of the President
 to cause notice to be given, within seven (7) days from receipt of such
 a request, to be held no more than twenty (20) days after the receipt
 of such a request."

  The 5 percent of article XVI is in the case of opposition to a modification
of our bylaws. Since the board is not proposing this change then a quorum
of 10% of the membership is needed to have this referendum. So if the GNOME
foundation membership is 365 then this will need 37 member signing that
petition to actually have a membership vote.

  The section of our bylaws defining the number of elected directors is
Article VIII section 2 c) , a reduction to 7 would also affects the maximum
number of directors, as no more than 40% of the elected members can have the
same affiliation:
   40% of 7 is 2.8 , this mean that a reduction to 7 would not allow more
than 2 representatives from the same affiliation.


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