Re: Petition for referendum

Robert Love wrote:

On Thu, 2005-09-29 at 16:17 +0100, Bill Haneman wrote:

The Board, of course.

To themselves?  That isn't really delegation.
No, assign to themselves, and delegate to others. That includes the formation of various action groups/committees etc. This idea has been discussed on the Board and on Foundation-list for awhile but it seems to be going nowhere.

Phenomenon of shared guilt seems to suggest that the smaller, more
nimbler board will be better at self-assigning and accepting work than
the larger board.
I don't buy it. The guilt load, like the work load, will get bigger, but that doesn't ensure that anything will be done.

The problem is not too much work for the board, by your own admission,
right?  The problem is an inability to assign work, but I'd call it
"stepping up to the plate", not delegating.
That is not what I was saying. There _is_ too much work for the Board, apparently, unless the Foundation is consistently electing goof-offs or incompetents.

A smaller board will have greater traction and less meandering,
membership will require a greater commitment to work, and more will get
These theoretical arguments ring hollow to me. But I don't really want to keep harping about it, only pointing out that I don't buy the theories.


Anyhow, right now I am only in favor of putting the referendum forward.
From that, hopefully healthy debate (like this) will arise and we can
all make an informed vote.

	Robert Love

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