Re: Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Sep 28


Le jeudi 29 septembre 2005 �0:56 -0400, Daniel Veillard a �it :
>   ACTION: Owen to add a section on things the foundation should do once it
>           has the money
>      - done it's on the foundation board page

Is this private or public? :-) I can't find the page anywhere, but this
might be private (which is totally understandable).

> New Action:
> ===========
>   ACTION: Murray to go over the trademark agreement page and fix the
>           "dandling" links to the logo
>   ACTION: Murray to provide a simpler english explanation of the 
>           trademark agreement meaning

This will be a great thing to have! Thanks a lot!

>   ACTION: Owen check with the Election commitee for membership reminders

It's definitely planned. We're trying to move the membership database
away from a plain text file before doing this, though. And this is
taking more time than expected (due to my lack of time). The reminders
will be sent before mid-October, even if the new membership database is
not ready.

>  * Elections
>    - anything we need to do to make sure everything work smoothly ?

Propositions to make the elections smoother than ever are of course
welcome :-)

As for me, I'd like the elections committee to announce the elections
timeline sooner (at least mid-September), but it's already too late for
this year :/ (and I can't blame anyone except me).


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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