Re: Why I voted YES

> reduce the peer pressure effect - in passing the referendum, the
> community recognised that peer pressure was capable of playing a role in
> who people voted for. I believe that this referendum is a compliment to
> that one - it will require people to be more thoughtful with their vote.
> Another proposal (from Alan Horkan) last year was to use PR for
> foundation elections, rather than the multicast ballot without order of
> preference. Who's to say that Owen was not everyone's 10th preference

I was informed PR (Proportional Representation) was an imprecise
description we use locally (in Ireland) but the concept is better
described as a Single Transferable Vote (STV).  It is a little more
complex to implement but in an automated system it shouldn't be a big deal
and I have always appreciate how the system is designed to elect the
"least unpopular" candidates.  Perhaps it is something which will remain
open for consideration in future, I hope so.

- Alan

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