Re: Foundation sponsored training (was: Some perspective on...)

Davyd Madeley wrote:
On Fri, 2005-10-28 at 02:13 -0400, Nat Friedman wrote:
Work to make the GNOME web site better, work to market GNOME better and
explain it, work to solicit sponsorship and endorsement of governments,
work to organize global training seminars like Trolltech does for Qt.
And on and on and on.  Jeff Waugh has summarized this work nicely a
number of times.

I want to point out that the idea of developer and user training is an
excellent idea. I would love to be given the opportunity to be involved
in delivering this sort of training, as I'm sure would many others.

I think that there is a good template for this from the Trolltech/Linspire/KDE camp here:

I asked them about doing GNOME based desktop trainings, and they weren't entirely against it. I'm not sure that they have the expertise. I volunteered, but perhaps someone from the board contacting them would have more significance.

I think one of the most expensive parts of doing something like this is the facility. I believe the Sun office here by LAX has some training rooms. I'm more than happy to volunteer facilities I have no control over or responsibility for :)


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