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On Oct 28, 2005, at 10:45 AM, Dave Neary wrote:

Web based file system interaction through gnome/apache.  Reach your
files from anywhere via, gnome and apache.  Similar to publishing in
evolution, but available for all(as much as you want) of your home
directory through nautilus or a new application!


There's really good news! Your requested feature already exists, and it works wonderfully. There's even a GUI frontend to add remote mounts in the standard menus.

Nautilus currently supports WebDAV, which is pretty much a Web based file system. Apache has the capability of serving WebDAV (although it is a little bit of a pain to set up).

Thankfully, Nautilus also supports other means of getting to remote file systems, such as the typical SMB mounts and ssh/sftp support.

Using ssh or sftp (sftp is better, as it's actually made for stuff like this) is transparent for the user, once it is set up. It requires the same information as it does to ssh to a host.

Tuomas Kuosmanen, Jakub Steiner, myself, and many others at work use the sftp support every day.

Your idea is exactly right -- it is very handy to be able to remotely manipulate files in the same way as you do with local files.

Also, since the capability to do all of this is actually provided by gnome-vfs, any application that fully supports gnome-vfs (far too few, actually) can even have full read-write access to files -- and the user simply treats it like it's on their own computer!

Thankfully, the Gimp can support gnome-vfs (at least from the CVS version), so Tuomas, Jakub, and myself all use it all the time, in addition to Nautilus. We can drag and drop remote files from Nautilus on the Gimp and use its file selection dialogs to open and save files.

We do wish that more applications used gnome-vfs; perhaps there can be a push to have more software make use of it.


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