Re: Petition for referendum

On 10/9/05, Ross Golder <ross golder org> wrote:
> The wording of David's original call seemed clear enough to me:
> >> If you would like this issue to be debated, and decided, by the
> >> foundation membership, please add your name to the page.

That may have been the wording in his email, but not on the wiki; my
reading was similar to Bill's and had been a good part of why I hadn't
signed (yet?) either.

While I'm finally chiming in...  It turns out that Luis' arguments
were almost enough to get me to sign.  Actually, I still might; I'm
kind of wavering on the edge.  The thing that's still tripping me up
is that my vote would be based mostly on the info from Luis, which is
stuff that most people in the foundation probably would have no clue
about if they hadn't read his recent emails (I sure didn't know about
it before, though it makes sense from what I do know[1]); it just
seems weird to have a large group vote on an issue when this group is
quite possibly not fully aware of the reasons behind it.  And I'm not
sure whether those reasons will all come out even if we have the
debate (it sure seems this thread went on for quite a while before
Luis even chimed in with those details).

Just my $0.02,

[1] I was even considering running for foundation board at one point
last year almost exclusively for the reason that I thought it was
embarrassing that very few people were running.  I was kind of
relieved when all the slots finally did fill in not long before the

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