Re: Beginning of the 2005 GNOME Foundation elections

> Being a candidate
> -----------------
> If you are a member of the GNOME Foundation and are interested in
> running for election, you may


> before November 14th 2005 (23:59 UTC).

This is my first election period in the GNOME Foundation, so I'm
surprised by the lack of candidates few days before the deadline.  :)

Is it always like this? Have people found a electoral strategy that
shows better results if presenting candidacy right before the deadline?
Are the vets waiting for the last minute? Are the newbies too shy to
throw themselves on the dance floor before it's strictly needed? Is it
real that a percentage of the board is integrated by people that had to
become candidates because of the lack of candidates?

Transparency helps democracy more than non-transparency. Democracy helps
the GNOME Foundation more than no-democracy. If you are thinking of
running for election, think also of making it transparent. The sooner
the better (this is just an opinion). You will feel better and you will
contribute to the Foundation's democratic health. Sending or having to
send candidatures in the last minute doesn't help that much to the
Foundation's democracy, specially if we want to see new faces.

You know, new faces tend to make a first step easier if the dance floor
is populated. And the old-timers are more engaged to dance if there are
new faces in the dance floor. Well, this is an ancestral principle of
community participation.

Quim Gil |

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