Re: About candidate's affiliation

Le vendredi 04 novembre 2005 �5:01 +0100, Dave Neary a �it :
> Hi Quim,
> My opinion is that
>   - Affiliation primarily indicates some implication in and co-operation 
> with free software of the employer. Mine has 0 interest in free 
> software, and as such, I do not feel the need to identify them for the 
> election.
>   - Affiliation is only relevant to the board in the situation where 
> there is a risk of having several candidates from your organisation. In 
> this context, since I will be the only candidate for the board who is an 
> employee of my current employer, I don't see any conflict.
> In this context, you should feel free to decide whether or not you wish 
> to declare an affiliation with interactors or not.
> If my interpretation of affiliation is wrong, I'd appreciate the 
> correction, so that I can update my candidature.

Well, strictly speaking, every candidate should declare their
affiliation. The elections committee asked the candidates with no
affiliation to confirm this some years ago. Maybe we didn't do so last
year (I can't remember).

Now, I can understand that a candidate might not want to advertise his
employer or might not want to make it look as if the employer is
interested in GNOME. But as James pointed out, it's necessary to know
the affiliation of the candidates to verify the elections results.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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