Candidacy: Quim Gil

*** First the administrativia:

If relevant, 'Quim Gil' in Catalan sounds like 'Kim Jill' in English.

E-mail address above

Corporate affiliation is interactors -


GNOME is technically ready for the general public. Does the general
public know this? Ask your neighbour. In order to make GNOME a
mainstream desktop we need to focus in the social aspects of software as
much as in the technical development. If the mountain doesn't go to
GNOME, GNOME goes to the mountain.

Actions recommended to be promoted by the board in which I possibly
could play a useful role: megawebsite, GUADEC & smaller
events, smartketing, strengthen our brand, extend The GNOME Experience
to proprietary desktops, start discussing seriously GNOME 3.0.

I'm going to be one of the GUADEC7 organisers, I will have time for
GNOME anyway. I think my profile can fit in the kind of tasks needed in
the board.

Long version

Sorry for the long telegram. Due to the concentration in GUADEC and the
MarketingTeam I'm completely unknown in most parts of GNOME and I've
felt the need to introduce my ideas and myself.

*** Why me in the board

GNOME is technically ready for the general public. Does the general
public know this? Ask your neighbour.

Opinion: in order to make GNOME a mainstream desktop we need to focus in
the social aspects of software as much as in the technical development.
First we need to explain to everybody how great GNOME is, but the
success will come when people understand by themselves that GNOME is
what they need.

Strategy: if the mountain doesn't go to GNOME, GNOME goes to the
mountain. The Foundation and specifically the board should help in this
walk towards the mainstream users. I wish to contribute to this process
facilitating cross-discussion and common decisions through different
areas of the project on relevant topics such as:

 * Great, proud, useful and social megawebsite with extensive
use of RSS, reminders and whatever goes to you when you forget to come.
Community activities, contests, social networks, FOAF, links to the
distributed projects in which the GNOME hackers are always so active.

 * Open events, with many small-to-medium meetings combined with a damn
sexy and cool international GUADEC. Also defining a pool of GNOME
speakers and presentations every cutting-edge conference would die for.

 * Smartketing. IMHO we as Foundation don't need to target end users as
much as we need to target the IT decision-makers found in the main
distributions, software industry, hardware manufacturers, consultancy
agencies, governments, corporations and the media. Just one of those may
push today the move of thousands to GNOME tomorrow.

* Strengthen our brand by simplifying our core message in a way a user
could understand, remember and feel excited about it. "We bring the free
software to your screen" and other inaccurate yet effective  ;) slogans.

* Extend GNOME bringing GNU to the non-free territory. Step on the
proprietary desktops offering to users a sample of The GNOME Experience
through realistic flash tours, amusing view-hows, Gtk+ solid
applications, installable CDLive's...

* Start discussing seriously GNOME 3.0. IMHO one of the main challenges
is to rethink what a desktop actually will be when most of the time
users will be working on the top of remote resources somewhere in Web
2.0. See how GNOME integrates with the emerging distributed technologies
and help them evolve in the WWW combined with the local desktop. Look at
 the blogs, the P2P networks, the friend-of-a-friend's, the
rate-my-stuff's, the Wikipedias, the free FOAF bazaars with alternative
cash and micropayment systems one day we will have... What will be the
role of GNOME in this (apparently) distributed future?

All this involves debate and work in several areas and projects under
the GNOME umbrella and the board facilitation and coordination. I'm
familiar with GNOME and also with the kind of actions described above.
Thanks to the GUADEC7 @ Barcelona I will probably have time to invest in
GNOME anyway. 'Socialising GNOME' and pushing it in the long way to
become mainstream is a complex and exciting challenge for the whole
project. I can contribute my 2 cents in 2006 from the board if you wish.

Who am I

Born in Lloret de Mar (Catalonia, Spain) in 1970. Journalist since 1988,
Internet user and web projects coordinator since 1995, teleworker since
1999, 100% Debian & GNOME user since 2002 (I tried in 2000, too much for
my laptop and/or myself), dedicated full time to free software misc
services since 2003 with Currently living in Arcos de
la Frontera (Andalusia - Guadalinex & GNOME territory - Spain), in the
last 6 years I've been living in London, Cologne and 1 year backpacking
through (Latin)America. I live with my partner and my little son.

I work as project coordinator, consultant, web admin of Drupal & GForge
based sites. I'm also in charge of finding new clients and projects, I
speak in conferences, I find contacts in free software sensitive
administrations... I have no clue of programming or designing but these
skills and experience may be useful for a position in the board.

One more comment. I arrived to the free software community for
ideological reasons, for the freedom, the openness, transparency,
horizontality, decentralization, emancipation... For me these are
requirements for almost any project I'm involved. These terms describe
the GNOME I wish, the Foundation I wish and the Board I wish.

My direct collaboration with GNOME started this year, although I have
been advocating form my beloved desktop since before I had it installed.
  :)  (anecdote: I tried to help in Debian's Desktop and Popularity
Contest lists, but they were far too technical to me and it took me
almost 2 years to find the right entry point to GNOME through the
Marketing Team).

- I have coordinated the GUADEC7 Barcelona candidature, I participate in
the requirements and negotiations and I will be one of the organisers.
This has taken most of my GNOME time in the last months. I have also
participated in the debates about the present and future of the GUADEC.

- I attended the GUADEC @ Stuttgart. I met the Marketing Team and I felt
like having found finally a place for me in the FLOSS world. After that
I helped reorganizing the wiki pages and I started the GettingInvolved
project (currently stuck AFAIK).

- I'm subscribed also in the foundation-list and the gnome-web-list,
where I follow the debates and occasionally have my say.

- Through my work at interactors I work/collaborate in projects that
fall in the GNOME surroundings, mainly in the context of the Ubuntu
project. I've taken a modest part in the development of the Live
installer Ubuntu Express and I have also suggested a reorganization of
the System/Desktop tools menus for the corresponding BOF in the Ubuntu
Below Zero conference.

Well, I guess that's it.

Thank you.

Quim Gil |

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