Re: Formation of Gnome-user-foundation

    I really like the slogan of Ubuntu: "Humanity to others". It gives me a
    valid reason for doing opensource development. An important reason.

The slogan is a good one.  Sad to say, Ubuntu doesn't entirely follow
the implied philosophy: it distributes non-free programs with its
version of GNU/Linux.  I hope that Ubuntu's conduct won't undermine
the persuasive effects of the slogan.

If you find that slogan resonates with you, I would guess that your
views are closer to the free software movement than to the open source
philosophy.  The free software movement says that we as software
developers have a moral obligation to respect the freedom of the users
of our software.  GNOME is a prime example of the free software
philosophy.  It was founded specifically to prevent non-free software
from making inroads into our community.

If you support the free software movement, one easy way to help us is
by saying "free software" rather than "open source".

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