Formation of Gnome-user-foundation

I think that the creation of a Gnome-user-foundation would
help at getting user requests more visible.
The structure would be that you paid some thing like 30$
or more annually and for that you would get to vote for
enhancement bugs that would go in to a bounty system.
The requirement for payment, all or part, would be that the
bug was integrated into Gnome. You could also submit a bug
that would then be evaluated and processed by the
user-foundation, with examples and so on, and developers
could revue the bugs and either say that they are going to
implement them or that this is a planed feature or this could
never be integrated into Gnome.

Some part of that money would also automatically run to
the gnome-foundation.

This would solve most of the perceived problems with the
current development model. Here users would pay a tiny
amount to be better heard, and developer would have
an influence what kind of enhancement go though, and
the would get to see code behind ideas and nobody
would be forcing them to work in there free time for
these enhancements. Also this would be great to get
some money at the community level to Gnome.

The gnome-user-foundation members could also get a
user gnomeusers org, there would be a cool website,
easy payment system. Forum and/or a maillist. There
could be community driven promotions and so on.

There would be a cap on the highest amount of
something like 1000$ and then less for runner-ups.

Olafur Arason
Ps isn't this the right place to send these kind of
PPs This idea is the collection of different solution about
dealing with an ever increasing number of users. And
the discussing about that on gnome-desktop-devel.
Also some people have in the past expressed a will
to have a money voting system on bugzilla, but this
idea would be better for user because this would be
visual and you don't have to know about bugzilla or
anything like that.

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