Re: Membership drive

On Fri, 22 Jul 2005, Alan Cox wrote:

> Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 01:40:11 +0100
> From: Alan Cox <alan lxorguk ukuu org uk>
> To: David Neary <dneary free fr>
> Cc: Alan Horkan <horkana maths tcd ie>, foundation-list gnome org
> Subject: Re: Membership drive
> On Iau, 2005-07-21 at 21:32 +0200, David Neary wrote:
> > That's definitely a goal, and getting a wider foundation membership
> > could be part of that goal (albeit an incidental part).
> for i in `CVS | grep contributors | sort | uniq | comm -
> membership.list`
> do
> 	mail "$i" << EOM
> Thank you for your contributions to GNOME. You can contribute further
> to the GNOME project and help us set the goals for GNOME by joining the
> GNOME foundation. See $URL for more information.
> done
> Or is there a reason this couldn't be done automatically monthly ?

The effort required to join needs reduced.  If we invite people to join
there should be some way to fast track their membership.  We already know
they have contributed and want to reward their continued involvement not
hassle them about prove their credentails which we should already know.

There needs to more rewards for joining.  I always exercise the right to
vote (decisions are made by those who show up, and I bought into a lot of
the nationalist propoganda we were taught in History class) but I can
understand how other are not interested in voting and may not see it as
worth the hassle of registering. Ideally membership of the Gnome
Foundation should provide something more for those who are not interested
in exercising their vote, it may already even exist but I do not know what
it might be or what needs to be done to improve the perception that
joining the Gnome Foundation is primarily about getting a vote.


Alan Horkan

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