Re: Membership drive


Alan Horkan wrote:
Would that be before or after the elections?

Before, I would have thought, but after would be OK too (before is probably easier).

Membership of the foundation has been stagnant, and I know that lots of
people who are elligible have never asked to join (GIMP developers come
to mind). What can be done (and by whom) to make membership more attractive?

I've always found it curious how the GNU Image Manipulation Program
sometimes publicallly distances itself from Gnome.

Without going into the details, the fact that the GNOME Foundation receives donations on our behalf and minds our money, I'm on the board, the GTK started out in the GIMP, we use bugzilla, CVS, GNOME translation teams, IRC and a bunch of other GNOME infrastructure means that the GIMP is very much part of the GNOME family, even if we're not a GNOME application in the sense of being part of the GNOME desktop.

It would be great if all kinds of Gtk developers could be made to feel
more like they were part of Gnome too.  Frankly I'd love to see a
more inclusive and modern definition of what Gnome means, one that reaches
out to projects like the GIMP, GPE, XCFE and make them want to define
themselves by our common interests rather than our differences.

That's definitely a goal, and getting a wider foundation membership could be part of that goal (albeit an incidental part).


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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